GRIN is an independent creative design agency based in the centre of Birmingham. We specialise in three core services of branding, digital products and video production.

At GRIN we believe there is always a better solution. We strive to produce the best design we can, that is fit for purpose and will help brands prosper. With a studio full of like-minded individuals that are truly passionate and thrive on working collaboratively, we believe that design has the capacity to change people, organisations and businesses for the better. GRIN counts on the fact that design is powerful and has huge potential to enhance the world around us – both visually and physically – through the sharing of ideas. As a team we are always seeking inspiration and, to us, design is more than just a job, we put our all into everything we do because we truly believe that good design can make everything better.

GRIN understands design as a problem/solution model and fully commits to exploring what the solution can be to any given design problem. In this way we can help communicate your organisation’s message in the most appropriate, succinct way, that gets right to the issue with a considered, design-led approach.

We achieve this through creative, intelligent and innovative thinking that incorporates a cross-studio approach. By operating this way we hope to involve different points of view, through dialogue and deliberation to achieve a more inclusive solution to design problems. By providing a multi-disciplinary approach we do not limit the solution to any one discipline and therefore understand that graphic design accommodates branding, motion and digital design and all the variants within these practices.

Through innovative design and second to none project management GRIN will work collaboratively to plan, analyse and execute your project from start to finish. By seeking out the best way to tackle the brief we will create work that you can not only be proud of but will inspire trust and meet your audience’s needs.

We’re extremely proud of our prestigious and varied client base. We work on a selection of local, national and international projects to bring our client’s brands to life.

Get in touch and come in for a tea or coffee. There may even be biscuits too if you’re lucky.