At GRIN we understand the importance of not following a one-size-fits-all approach. We understand the client’s aims, whilst focusing upon understanding the end users’ needs.

To achieve this, we take a complete approach where possible and love working with people who embrace new ideas and have a progressive attitude knowing the difference design can make. This means we work together with the client, collaboratively seeking to provide the best outcome.

We aim to build lasting relationships with clients who are future facing and are looking for an agency who provide a consultative and research based approach striving to provide customer-centred results. This means taking a long-term approach where we aim to pool resources with the client, and where we can learn together we build a relationship to create design led solutions.

We achieve this through four stages:

  • Consultation

    We want to understand your business and your aims and objectives as well as you do. We can only do this by asking the right questions and listening to you to help you connect with your customers.

  • Research

    Through a research-based process we aim to gather information that does not avoid asking tricky questions and will help provide the best solutions possible. Strategic in our approach, we will offer insight on where to begin and identify the correct questions to ask.

  • Design

    Learning from the first two stages we aim to create striking, dynamic and adaptable designs, whatever the project. Our expertise covers a range of mediums from brand identity, design and illustration, to digital, web and motion. So, whether that's creating something fresh and new or working with pre-existing brands, we create compelling designs that stand the test of time.

  • Delivery

    GRIN will deliver an all encompassing and results driven campaign or project. This will look different every time but what will remain consistent will be the creative, customer-focussed activation suitable for your needs.

If you want to know more, get in touch or start following us. We're a friendly bunch, just shout if you need anything.

Let us help you achieve your goals. We're ready to work with you, communicate your message effectively and grow alongside you.