Adobe Max 2021: Our take aways

Last week saw the return of Adobe’s online conference, ‘Adobe Max’. The GRIN team have been getting involved and inspired by watching some of this year’s talks.

This year’s Adobe Max consisted of over 400 sessions featuring hundreds of inspiring speakers. Here are our summaries of just a few of the talks that we tuned in to.

Illustration with Jama Jurabaev, Brosmind, and Marylou Faure

Marylou Faure is an illustrator I’ve followed for a while and I have loved seeing her work evolve as she grows, transforming her illustration style into murals, sculpture and animation. As soon as I spotted her name on Adobe’s list of speakers, I added this session to my schedule.
This talk on illustration was a joyous celebration of illustration and the endless forms it can take. Marylou Foure discussed how she was been able to use her skills to represent all bodies after seeing tonnes of fashion illustrations made up of thin models. Jama Jurabaev spoke about how he discovered his passion for concept art after studying Aerospace Engineering.
These sessions that focus on celebrating artists are so fun to watch! I love discovering new artists and designers through these talks as well as finding out a little more about creatives that are already on my radar.

Intellectual Eye Candy – Do Before You Think

As soon as I saw the session’s title’, I knew this talk led by Mike Alderson, chief creative at ManvsMachine, would be an interesting watch.

The talk focused on subverting the traditional notion that in the industry, the creative process is driven purely by ideas. However, he challenges this process, instead looking at how craft – instead of concepts – can drive content creation. He especially looked at how this worked within the motion field, showing how many of the agency’s process reels became the basis for their conceptual motion work.

Mike explained how this alternative creative process can help improve the execution of visual work, using unconventional motion techniques to create visually striking cinematic pieces.

Overall, I found the talk extremely engaging and would definitely recommend the watch to other creatives if they are interested in gaining an insight into the different creative processes utilised within the industry.

Creative Process: Tryin’ to Get Ahead Before We Get a Headstone

I last attended a Gavin Strange (Director & Designer for Aardman Animations) talk at Birmingham Design Festival in 2019. I find the way he speaks about creativity equal parts inspiring and intimidating. He comes across as though he never has a moment where he ‘can’t be bothered’ to be creative which can be a little scary. That being said, I really appreciate his energy and the way he presents with such excitement and drive.

His talk consisted of top tips for keeping creativity alive and how to use it as a tool to produce great outcomes. These included bite-size mantras such as…

‘Don’t wait to be asked, do it because no one asked you to’ – Self-initiate and show that you’re eager to grow.
‘Don’t make it perfect, make it now’ – Make things ‘exist’ rather than keeping them stuck in your brain. You can always change things.
and ‘Take the path of least resistance – It’s okay to do things the easy way!

Graphic Design with David Carson and Martha Gil

As a huge fan of David Carson’s typographic work and visual style, his collaborative talk with illustrator Martha Gil was on my list of talks to watch on Adobe Max’s list of guest speakers.

Carson’s talk concerned all things graphic design. It reflected on his career within the industry, and how he crafted his unique graphic style through his creative process. It also provided an insight into how he draws upon inspiration from his interests and hobbies such as surfing and skateboarding.

The session also looked at how both established and emerging designers within the digital design scene, use their personal experiences as the catalyst for starting their creative careers.

Get inspired and check out more talks on demand over on the Adobe Max website.