Six Things

Annie’s Picks

We’ve asked our designer, Annie, to share what’s currently on her radar in our series, Six Things.

Across, TV, art, music, books, podcasts and films, we’ve quizzed Annie on what she’s currently getting into…

TV – Sense 8

A show that always seems to make its way onto my Netflix list time and time again is the wonderful series, Sense 8. The show is definitely my guilty pleasure, with a mix of emotional triumphs, tense action scenes, romance and friendship – it covers everything I want in a TV show. Released in 2015, the show follows the lives of eight people in cities across the globe whom find out that they are emotionally and telepathically connected. They can see each other’s thoughts, use each other’s skills, and feel each other’s pain. It’s definitely one to add to your watch list!

Art – Polina Bright

I love anything in the same realm as sketching/drawing and painting! An incredible artist I follow on Instagram, Polina Bright, produces the most beautiful portrait drawings and paintings. Her work inspires me personally as I would love to develop my own drawing skills in a similar way. Polina shows off her process and end results through Instagram videos, I find them so satisfying to watch.

Music – Bon Jovi

My music taste is so varied, I love anything from old Motown classics to indie folk to rock to current chart music, but the artist that has to be at the top is Bon Jovi. If you haven’t heard of Bon Jovi, where have you been? The band is my favourite of all time, even knocking One Direction to 2nd place (which many would have thought to be impossible #directionerforlife). Bon Jovi are one of the greats and their music has inspired me throughout my teens to adulthood – you just can’t beat their amazing lyrics. Go listen to ‘We Weren’t Born to Follow’ it’s a fave!

Book – The Sight of You

It might be cheesy but I am a sucker for a good romance book. The most recent I have read is ‘The Sight of You by Holly Miller, I picked it up in a charity shop and it turned out to be an intriguing, heartfelt and emotional read. If you love a bit of romance and heartbreak with a curious twist, ‘The Sight of You’ will be right up your street!

Podcast – The Slumflower Hour

It’s taken me a while to get on the podcast bandwagon, however more recently I’ve been listening to snippets from The Slumfower Hour that is posted on Instagram by Chidera Eggerue. Her podcasts cover topics relating to women empowerment and women’s relationship with men. Chidera AKA The Slumflower, is the Author of the number 1 Sunday Times Bestseller What a Time to be Alone (2018) and How to Get a Boy (2020). Her work is incredibly inspiring, empowering, and educational.

Film – Avatar: The Way of Water

This might be controversial but how can I not mention how incredible ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ is! I went to watch it in the cinema and it did not disappoint. The cinematography and incredible CGI blew my mind – it was such a pleasure to watch and certainly worth the three hours and extortionate cinema ticket prices. The story had me sobbing, laughing, and kept me at the edge of my seat. Don’t listen to the negative critiques, go watch it and make your own mind up – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!