BCU Showcase: Our top picks

This year’s bunch of new graphic designers are graduating from Birmingham City University!

Click is a graduate show based on the experience of online learning in the digital age, by the BCU Graphics Class of 2022. Last year, the GRIN team picked out some of our favourite pieces from the 2021 showcase and we’re so excited to browse through the work from this year’s cohort.

Adam Ali
Adam Ali has discovered a passion for all things 3D while studying at BCU. He has explored this in his showcase project, creating concepts for a Cyber Bike using Cinema 4D. In his work, Adam demonstrates a real eye for lighting and composition, incorporating this into final visuals of a very high standard.


Annie Turley
Women of the Hour is a magazine that sets out to raise awareness and provide a platform for women in the design industry, that are often overlooked. The magazine provides awareness about the historical and contemporary inequality that still affects women in design today. Women of the Hour is also an educational resource available to people who work in design agencies, to help provide more awareness and create positive change in the way women are treated. Annie Turley aimed to create something that would be striking and engaging to its reader by using a ‘vintage-take’ on a modern-day editorial.


Jonny Carr

Commissioned by Hospital Records, Jonny Carr has produced a music video for Skyline, a new single from Metrik and Grafix. Throughout the video, Carr uses clever visual manipulation of Birmingham’s skyline and iconic buildings create some playful yet impactful visual illusions. The dynamic graphic overlays, bold typography and punchy audio work together well to create a sleek and striking piece of motion work that demonstrates a great understanding of current motion trends.


Mollie Rycroft-Stanley
Mollie Rycroft-Stanley has used her final project to create a children’s smoothie brand that aims to encourage children to try new flavours and to eat their five a day, by creating a friendly look and feel that parents can put their trust in. The use of simple but lively character illustrations paired with well-thought-out typography and colours, create a really successful style that would look right at home on supermarket shelves.


Rosie Smy
For her final project, How Punk impacted Graphic Design, Rosie Smy chose to transform her dissertation into a stunning publication heavily inspired by zines and 1970s punk culture. The project explores the relationship between punk and design and how the explosive nature of punk has shaped design over the course of time. The use of analogue processes brings this publication to life and demonstrates the amount of experimentation that has been incorporated into this project.


Shaun Curtis

Shaun Curtis plays on nostalgia in his final project, reimagining Top Trumps by bringing a digital focus to the game and proposing an immersive experience that launches the Top Trumps we know into the present day. The polished graphics, the tempo and the story-telling of Curtis’ promotional video had us searching the app store in hope that it was real!


Temilola Baruwa
Temilola Baruwa has created a brand identity for the design agency he one day aspires to run. ‘SEDA’ means to ‘create’ in Baruwa’s native language Yoruba, the language spoken in the part of Nigeria he is from. The strong use of shapes and colour creates a bold visual identity that resonates with the brand image and purpose.


Congratulations to all of the talented designers that have taken part in this year’s showcase and completed their degree! Visit Click to see more from the graduates.