BCU Unlock: Our top picks

We were invited back to the Birmingham City University degree show to give another award this year. The Graphic Communication graduates put on an amazing showcase which highlighted lots of great talent.

Unlock challenges the confines that often restrict creativity, spotlighting the remarkable outcomes when emerging designers are given the freedom to explore without limits.

This Grad show celebrates the dismantling of barriers, heralding a new era where the talents of up-and-coming creatives are not just recognized but amplified. By incorporating a graffiti inspired aesthetic, we pay homage to the raw, unfiltered power of students.

This year’s graduates put together an incredible degree show which reflects all of their hard-work and passion for design!

Grin had the brilliant opportunity to present awards to TWO fantastic grad students whose work stood out, after a lot of deliberation and carefully looking at all the amazing work produced this year, we chose our winners!

And our Grin award winners are (drumroll)…

Kaitlyn Carvalho

Kaitlyn wowed us with her stunning brand and campaign work as well as her fantastic presentation skills. We loved hearing her talk with such passion about her work. Kaitlyn’s degree show output included a beautiful campaign based on how skin conditions can affect self-confidence and normalising various types of skin. Kaitlyn also took on a packaging project, creating a character-driven look and feel for a Masala Chai brand called Aunty Ji’s. We loved Kaitlyn’s playful approach to this brief!

Congratulations Kaitlyn!

Fred Fox

It was clear from chatting to Fred that he lives and breathes design. It was also great to hear about his passion for analogue photography, something that he has introduced into a number of his projects. Fred has produced some brilliant projects exploring perceptions of blood donation and cleverly rebranding photography company Ilford. We were also blown away by his personal project, a fold out celebrating buildings of Birmingham threatened by disrepair or demolition.

Congratulations Fred!

In Grin tradition, the team have also picked out a few more favourites from this year’s fabulous cohort…

Tara Morar

Tara enjoys crafting memorable brand identities and eye-catching packaging solutions, ensuring that every design element tells a compelling story and connects with the intended audience. As part of her final project, Tara creating a brand all about upturning an essential item and giving it a greater purpose for today’s generation. The object in question was biodegradable bin bags for general waste designed to be the opposite of black, making a colourful impact on the world while being better for the environment.

Ben Grace

Ben describes himself as a specialist in branding, publications, and merchandise design. During his final year, he has created a memorable, typographic brand for CORE and a revival campaign for Blockbuster focusing on the colour palettes that make up iconic films.

Esther Cope

Esther interested her passion for analogue design into her branding project for Gather + Ground, creating the brand mark using her own fingerprint to create an authentic look and feel that resonates with the brand. Esther also took on the Blockbuster brief, playing nostalgia to create a powerful campaign.

Brandon Power

Brandon explored 3D design in a partnership campaign between Lego and New Balance, creating eye-catching lego-inspired designs of trainers. These were then applied to billboards and advertising that would be sure to draw attention.

Aneesah Nawaz

Aneesah created her own drinks brand called Fruitopia – a fruit tea with health benefits that helps with the immune system and digestion. Botanical illustrations create a natural look combined with a bright colour palette to represent each of the flavours.

Anastasia Raw

Anastasia channelled all the emotion of her own breakup into ‘The Breakup Zine’, an exploration of collage, typography and illustration that conveys a tonne of emotion. Anastasia aimed to show the importance of time, healing and focusing on yourself.

Congratulations to all of the talented designers that have taken part in this year’s showcase and completed their degree! Visit Unlock to see more from the graduates.