Catch up: July 2020

Welcome to the latest of GRIN’s monthly round ups. While COVID-19 is still keeping us all at home, this month we’re back to our usual tricks, sharing some recent work and showcasing some lovely clients – just without the socials!

Back to normal this month, with a quick recap of a few recently completed projects we’re really proud to be sharing with you. We hope you enjoy them:

The Wonder Stuff – Don’t Anyone Dare Give A Damn

Late June saw the release of our latest music video for The Wonder Stuff, for the track ‘Don’t anyone Dare Give a Damn’. The mellow and reflective lyrics were paired with a character motion graphic video treatment, taking the viewer on a journey through New York City both musically and visually. Taking inspiration from continuous shot videos, the story is led through colour, blending together a backdrop of purple tones with a pop of different accent colours throughout. As the second video release from The Wonder Stuff’s ninth album, ‘Better Being Lucky’, we’re very proud to share this collaboration as we continue to push boundaries and creative styles for the band. Click here to view the video

IWMA – Timeline Animation / Website

Working on a rebrand of such a global and well established organisation, outstanding in its field, is just the type of branding project we love to design at GRIN. IWMA is the world’s largest and most influential corporate association for the wire and cable industries. At the forefront of their field for over 50 years, the company has stood in a unique position with no other organisation providing exactly the same offering as them. We were tasked with reinvigorating the IWMA brand, ensuring that their new look and feel represented the unrivalled organisation that it is and we’re pleased with the results to say the least. To view the new site please click here


We’re really proud to say that leading crypto currency firm Global Digital Finance are a long term client and we get the opportunity to collaborate with them on a variety of collateral. Recently we have designed multiple social media campaign assets to promote various webinars, online conferences and talks. As the example shown here, the work is a combination of the existing GDF branding whilst also sitting comfortably within the crypto market field to convey the sense that GDF promote the adoption of best practices for cryptoassets and digital finance technologies.

HSBC Malta

Another client we enjoy working with on a continued basis is HSBC, by providing a set of thriving Hexs, created for specific countries. Each design uses imagery synonymous with that country while the addition of the HSBC Hex communicates how the company is a lens through which you can experience and understand the addition of a thriving, forward thinking, innovative element. The imagery is carefully selected in partnership with the client to showcase, in this instance in Malta, how HSBC is the safe harbour for your money among the stormy seas. These designs are always a pleasure to work on and stretch our designers in how to communicate the message differently every time, but always specific to the locale.

That’s it for now, we hope you enjoyed this little selection of recent work, we can’t wait to reveal more at the end of August – so please keep an eye out for new work very soon!