Games for the Designer

Finally settle that score on who the King of Kerning is or the Queen of Colour.

We all love a good game and what better way to play one which rate’s some design fundamentals.

A letter spacing game which will see you testing how well you can manually set the kerning of big name typefaces. Anything less than 100% will have you wanting to restart and rummaging for the ruler.

How well do you know your pixels? Pixactly will have you drawing shapes to the dimensions it requests. Blame your retina displays all you like, this one will have you plotting coordinates on your trackpad.

So you’ve nailed your spacing but what about your shaping? Master your bezier and your Baskerville in an attempt to craft the perfect character.

Dont be deceived by the initial levels, you’ll soon be frantically searching for a little thing you used to call green. Crank up your brightness and have your Pantone book at the ready!