GRIN is 10

As we have just celebrated GRIN’s tenth anniversary, our Managing Director Sarah Sanford, takes time to look back and reflect on how GRIN got here, her role in this achievement and those who have been essential participants along the way.

Most people who know me are well aware that I like to tell a story, I rarely give short answers and if I’ve got something to say, I like to cover every angle before I get to the point. This will take you about two minutes to read, so you might as well grab a cup of tea to keep you going… 

I couldn’t let the working week end without mentioning GRIN’s decade of achievement. I actually can’t believe it’s been 10 years. I joined Phil in the early days and with my account handler background, I was able to introduce processes and procedures, much to Phil’s delight(!) which helped to create some stability and consistency to the fledgling agency.

We were and still are a great team Phil and I, very different in approach and mindset but complimentary nonetheless. I think clients liked Phil’s crazy ideas aligned with my grounded way of working out what was actually possible!

I remember when my parents first asked me; ‘would we know any of the companies you work with?’ and back then I struggled to name one that they’d heard of. Fast forward to today and I can proudly mention the likes of Hilton, HSBC, NHS, and the West Brom, GRIN has certainly come a long way.

However, I truly believe none of it could have been possible without our lovely Grinners past and present. When we had our first leaver – Luci Widdowson, who ventured off to Dubai, we cried buckets, well I did, as we were such a close knit team. I’ve grown a thicker skin since then and although I’m still sad to see anyone leave the nest, I get so much out of seeing people progress and pursue their dreams.

It was rare for anyone to leave to go to another agency, in fact, this has happened only once recently due to locality more than anything else, most left to try the freelance way of life. As an optimist, I feel I have to take some positivity from those situations, in that GRIN helped to grow people’s confidence, expanded on their talents, supported passions and gave everyone a voice. 

By that I mean I encouraged opinions, I told them to speak up and make suggestions and if something didn’t work, nothing was lost but if it did, we had things like better working practices and the individual had contributed to the structure and focus of the agency and most importantly, felt included and valued. Nothing has changed in this over the years.

2020 has been incredibly tough so far and I’m sure like many businesses, we’re riding a very uncertain storm. We move forward with a different outlook but still with the same grit and determination to succeed. That success is, of course, about producing brilliant creative which works and keeping clients happy but we can’t do any of that without an amazing team in place.

So I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to every Grinner, for everything they’ve contributed in helping GRIN to get to where it is today, for doing their bit during these difficult times and for supporting us to get GRIN to where we need and want it to be.