GRINspo: June 2022

We’ve been getting inspired! Check out what the GRIN team has been loving recently.

Recently, over on our GRINspo Instagram stories, we’ve been sharing work that we love on a weekly basis. Now, we’re bringing GRINspo to the blog for a more in depth look at some of the projects that have been inspiring the GRIN team.

Scott – Green Sock
Green Sock hosts an online showcase filled with tonnes of examples of amazing digital work. It’s a great resource for finding inspiration for web projects, with a varied selection of websites across a range of sectors. Whether you’re after exciting ways to animate elements of a site or on the lookout for beautiful layouts, Green Sock’s showcase is a great place to start.
Emily – Sally Faye
Sally Faye is a fashion and beauty illustrator who has worked for brands such as L’Oréal, Max Factor, ghd and BaByliss. Her style incorporates the look and feel of hand drawn textures and strokes into her digital illustrations. In 2018, she released her debut book All Black Everything, an illustrated guide and stunning coffee table book on how to wear all black – featuring over 150 drawings!
Flossie – Spline
Spline is a design tool that allows the user to create and manipulate 3D elements for use on websites, apps and motion work. The app is constantly growing and there is lots to explore and play with across their library of existing 3D assets. This includes abstract shapes, 3D icons, product mockups, interactive forms and even characters.
Raihaanah – Maleen Macatangay
Maleen Macatangay is the mind behind Sorry Just Hangry. Maleen started creating art with food to combat her child’s fussy eating. This has evolved into a hugely popular platform where she shares her various mealtime creations. Often they are inspired by famous artworks or characters from pop culture.
Gareth – Nicole McLaughlin
Nicole McLaughlin is a New York based designed inspired by fashion. Nicole has transformed old volleyballs into slippers, camera bags into bralettes, and crafted board shorts from packets of Haribo gummies. Through her work, she aims to change perceptions around waste and sustainable fashion.
Erin Farmer Den
Hannah – Erin Farmer
Hannah’s sister, Erin, has just finished her last year studying Fine Art at university. Her final project involved the investigation of play, art and community and learning to produce artwork with communities of people that makes a lasting effect and a positive experience through creative learning.

That wraps up our very first GRINspo blog. We hope you’ve stumbled upon something new that has inspired you too!