Lockdown Lunchtime

With the reluctant adjustments to Covid-19’s arrival, working from home has brought with it many changes.

Whilst the work itself has remained constant in our approach and scheduling, all be it with a lot more webcam stuttering and delayed talking over each other, the biggest changes for myself have come from the time spent usually commuting and lunch.

With the blind optimism of spending the time originally on a cattle-packed train I vowed I would dedicate it to regular stretching and yoga. Partially for my mental wellbeing but really so I could finally triumph in my effort to be flexible enough to touch my toes. Needless to say I still cant. And we’ll leave that there.

Admitting defeat to a productive start I looked for the lunch to offer some retribution. Of course, I turned to YouTube instead in which the twists and turns my recommendations took much closely resembled the structure and continuity of my dreams; flitting from one oddly orchestrated topic to another with no rhyme or reason but along the journey I have found solace in what only can be described as my own ASMR heaven.

My Mechanics Restorations

A duration perfect to dedicate to a work-detoxed lunch.

Having always been fascinated with the inner workings of almost everything and an enthusiasm to see old tools rejuvenated YouTubes recommendations could not have been better placed with this one. With more time being spent watching metal get sand-blasted I grew more and more mentally revived for the afternoon workload from this oddly therapeutic restorations.

Putting the workshop envy aside the videography became very relaxing. The blend of raw sound and measured shots allowed the mind to turn off. Left watching a long forgotten relic transformed in a hypnotic trance became a staple in my lunchtime routine.