Meet the Team: Flossie

Welcome to Meet the Team: Our new blog series where we’ll get chatting to each and every member of the GRIN team.

New starter alert! For this edition of Meet the Team, we have our latest recruit – Flossie! Flossie has just joined GRIN as a Designer and has already got straight to it, creating some fabulous work for our lovely clients. We got chatting about her design background and what makes her tick.

1) What’s your name and what do you do?

I’m Flossie and I’m a Designer! I have recently joined GRIN and I’m really excited to get stuck into more and more projects alongside the team. I love creating – whether it’s branding, digital or motion design. I especially enjoy working with Birmingham based brands and I’ll never get over the feeling of walking past something I’ve designed out and about in my favourite city!


2) How did you end up working in the creative industry?

I chose Graphic Design as one of my A-Levels just for a bit of fun! I loved looking through the sketchbooks and student projects during the open day and I knew I’d really enjoy it. It turned out to be my favourite subject by miles and I never looked back. I then went on to complete an Art Foundation course, followed by a Graphic Design degree in Cambridge.

3) What has been your favourite project you’ve worked on to date?

There are so many projects that I’ve absolutely loved working on, but the one that I think is my current favourite is the Lapworth Museum’s ‘Museums & Wellbeing’ exhibition. The exhibition was led by Year 7 children from two Birmingham schools who worked together to explore the link between museums and wellbeing. The students drew pictures, wrote poems and had lots of thoughts about how they wanted their work to be displayed. The exhibition was filled with colour and playful designs inspired by the creativity of the children and their really ambitious ideas. It was such a fun project to work on and it was great to see how excited the kids were when they saw their poems and artwork on display.

4) What do you like most about being a designer?

The ‘togetherness’ of the creative community is such a beautiful thing. It makes me so happy that there are so many local platforms like Birmingham Design and Ladies Wine and Design where you can find inspiration, chat to other creatives and learn from others. I can’t wait for the return of events like Birmingham Design Festival so we can all get together again.

5) What is your favourite thing about Birmingham?

I think Birmingham is such an inspiring place to be. I love exploring Digbeth and checking out the ever-changing street art. I’m also a big fan of the bars and pubs in areas like Moseley and Stirchley. I’m always discovering new corners of Birmingham that I love!

6) What is something that inspires you?

Women!! I’m forever inspired by the women I’m surrounded by, creatives and women-owned businesses (especially Brummie ones) and the women of the world creating change. Along with two others, I run an Instagram account called Grl Gang Brum. We share a tonne of Birmingham-based creatives and businesses that we like to call our ‘Birmingham Babes’ and I’m inspired by every single one of them!

7) Is there an artist or designer you admire? And why?

My all-time favourite designer is Annie Atkins. Annie is a designer for film, creating graphic props for productions such as Bridge of Spies, Penny Dreadful and a bunch of Wes Anderson films. I remember finding out about her work and being totally wowed by the amount of detail and research that she puts into her work. I actually attended one of her workshops in Bristol a couple of years ago and learnt so much from her. She taught me her top secret paper-staining tips too!

8) What are you interested in outside of work/design?

I spend quite a bit of my time outside of work upside down! A few years ago I took up aerial hoop and it’s really helped my confidence (as well as making me a bit stronger and bendier!) It’s a great community and I love learning from the wonderful people involved in it. I’ve recently combined this love with design, working with my hoop teacher to create Aerialism, a clothing line for aerialists.

I’m also really into music. I’ve been playing saxophone since I was 12 and I’m actually a Grade 8! Along the way I’ve also learnt how to play the guitar and the double bass.

9) What has been the most challenging part of adjusting to WFH?

There are definitely pros and cons. I really miss the buzz of the office and being able to bounce ideas around the room without having to organise a Teams meeting. However, my dog Oscar (who is 16!) has made an excellent WFH colleague and I love being able to sit in my garden on my lunch break. I think a future where everyone can do a little bit of both would be great.


10) Plan B? If you weren’t working in the creative industry, what would you be doing and why?

Before I figured out that I wanted to be a designer I thought that I’d end up in music. I think being a session musician could have been cool as I’ve always loved playing music alongside other people in groups and bands. I’d say I could join the circus but clowns creep me out!