Meet the Team: Raihaanah

Welcome to Meet the Team: Our blog series where we get chatting to each and every member of the GRIN team.

For this edition of Meet the Team, we’re chatting to the latest addition to our Accounts team! Raihaanah joined GRIN back in April and is now well and truly immersed in handling projects across motion, digital and branding. We’ve been finding out more about her and what makes her tick.

1) What’s your name and what do you do?

Hi my name is Raihaanah and I’m an Account Manager at GRIN.

2) How did you end up working in the creative industry?

It all started from picking Media Studies at A Level we were always looking at campaigns and creative work. We would also work on videos and for coursework I remember we had to create a new website for a pop artist. It was always a subject I enjoyed going to and working on the coursework for. When it came to picking a course for university Marketing was a good fit.  

3) What do you like most about being an account handler? 

As cliché as it sounds, no day is the same! Within the space of 5 minutes everything can change so it definitely keeps you on your toes. You also work with the creative team quite closely on the output of the work so there is a bouncing of ideas during the process. 

4) What is your favourite thing about Birmingham?

How diverse it is!  

Anywhere that has good food – Indian streatery is a go to place for lunch!  

The activity places like Ghetto Golf and baseball at the Floodgate are fun but I’m also the worst at them so I don’t have to worry about winning!  

5) Is there an artist or designer you admire? And why? 

Elena Gual, she is best known for her figurative paintings of women that celebrate their beauty and promote gender equality. She applies thick strokes of impasto onto her canvases with a spatula, creating highly textured renderings of skin, hair, and clothing.  

Though every piece is different you can tell it’s part of her collection of work.  

6) What are you interested in outside of work?

Travel – I do love a good city break!  

I sound ancient but I could work on a puzzle for hours and not realise (this was during lockdown so that may have helped) 

 I’m also a sucker for going to pop concerts!  

7) Have you got any advice for someone getting into client services? What would you tell your younger self based on what you know now? 

I would recommend trying different areas out of account management. I had a PR internship and a few weeks in a Digital department before getting my first role in account management. It’s good to get experience whilst also finding out if you want to focus on one area of client services or a role that has a bit more variety where you can still work on different projects e.g. digital, PR, etc..  

8) Plan B? If you weren’t working in accounts, what would you be doing and why? 

When I was really young (talking 10 years old) all I did was draw and paint which could have slowly transitioned into being a designer of some sorts!  

On the other side, flipping houses or a property agent I love watching the before and afters of houses!