Our Pantone Predictions

Pantone are about to announce the Colour of the Year for 2024!

With the colour of 2024 set to be announced tomorrow, team GRIN have got some predictions on what it will be. What’s your pick?

Jon – Green Banana

Earthy, natural and cosy. This olive toned green feels calming and gets us thinking about all things mother nature (…especially olives).

Sarah – Swim Cap

This bright sky blue combines happiness, mindfulness and feel good factor all through just one colour.

Annie – Persimmon Orange

Of course Annie has chosen an orange! Bright, vibrant and exciting – hopefully a sign of good things to come in 2024.

Scott – Lemon Chrome

Pantone 123 – great number and a great colour. Arguably the happiest colour, picking yellow would be a great choice for Pantone, kicking the year off with some joy.

Flossie – Botanical Garden

Not only does this green have a feeling of calm and tranquility but it is clearly representative of nature and, in the world’s fight against climate change, a colour that reminds us of sustainability would be a great choice.

Sam – Tropical Breeze

2023 brought us Viva Magenta and Barbie… It’s time for 2024 to say “I’m Just Ken” and give us a blue!

Emily – Royal Lilac

We had Very Peri in 2022 but maybe 2024 could bring us a more purple… purple!

Hannah – Neon Green

Pantone have never had a true neon Colour of the Year! This Neon Green would really start 2024 with a bang and suggest a year of unexpected, shocking fun!

Nathan – Beet Red

Our resident Villa fan picked claret… what a shock!!