Pride Month: Creatives We Love

June is Pride Month and we’re celebrating some creatives we love from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Ettore Larsen

Ettore is a Spanish-born artist whose work presents acts of intimacy and vulnerability (usually from bed) through monochromatic portraits defined by soft, minimal lines.

Laura Pol

Laura spoke at Birmingham Design Festival back in 2019 and left a real impact. Laura is a creative who specializes in branding and design strategy. A bulk of her professional career has been dedicated to creating global campaigns for Apple. She is the founder of OLIO Studio.

Enrico Nagel

Enrico Nagel is anartist and illustrator from East Berlin, currently based in Paris. As a self-taught artist, he specialises in collage art, creating mysterious and imaginative works by harmoniously combining thousands of images using both digital tools and traditional cut-and-paste techniques.

Josh Stewart

Josh is a UX designer and photographer based in Chicago. Josh also spent close to five years working with end users at Apple as a ‘Genius’!

Daniel Pezzi

Daniel is a Creative Director based in London working in design, retail, education, technology, art and culture, creating through a wide range of disciplines such as branding, corporate, product design, illustration, communication and strategy.

Lester Villarroel

Lester is a creative photographer specialising in fashion and editorial. Their shots are filled with pops of colour, adding exciting and flair to portraits.

Courtney Ahn

Courn is a Korean-American designer and illustrator who prioritises working with BIPOC, queer, disabled, and marginalized-owned businesses as they often face the hugest barriers to success in developing, growing, and sustaining their work. They are dedicated to dismantling white supremacy and systemic oppression through their design practice.

Jeremy Blake

Jeremy is a musician and performer who shares videos on his YouTube channel Red Means Recording. Videos include all sorts from loop tracks to a musician’s process.

We hope that this post has encouraged you to celebrate and support queer creatives this month and every month!