Pride Month: Creatives We Love

Birmingham Pride kicked off Pride Month with a bang and now we’re celebrating some creatives we love from the LGBTQIA+ community. This month at grin, we’re sharing a few of our favourite designers and creatives and celebrating their work.

Annika Hansteen-Izora

Annika [they/she/he] is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and designer based in Brooklyn. As a designer, Annika says their primary focus is on product, with brand and web coming in second. Some past clients include Samsung, MTV, Intel, HP, Jaguar Land Rover, alongside artists such as Jamila Woods and Curtis Roach.
“Success, to me, means I made an impact on someone. My work is centered in joy, on community, on care, it’s centered on Black and Brown communities. To reach somebody within my community and help them feel seen, is a successful project for me. And that can be through the smallest measures. But if I helped someone feel joy, that’s success to me.”

Ellis Miles

Ellis [he/they] is a graphic artist and designer based in the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham (we love a Brummie!). If you’re familiar with Birmingham’s queer scene, you will have definitely seen their work across events posters and drag merch. Ellis’ illustrations are made up of joyful colour and gorgeous patterns. Last year they took part in a self-initiated 365 illustration challenge to experiment and create something beautiful daily – mission accomplished!

Nick Sia

Nick [he/him] is a product designer working in Berlin. He enjoys collaborating and dabbling ideas with non-designers, and says he finds it very refreshing to capture new perspectives from various backgrounds. Nick captures his process in wonderful detail over on his website. Some of his recent work includes creating Indonesia’s COVID app and this gorgeous looking app called Rabit which aims to help people build good habits (or quit bad ones!).

Jacq Moon

Sam [she/they] is a graphic designer and illustrator that works in Melbourne. Jacq’s interest in visual storytelling, equity and inclusion is realised through their design solutions. Being a queer designer, for Jacq, is as much a way of creating, as it is an identity. Jacq’s lived experience and vision for a better world draws them to work with organisations that are brave, thought leaders and change makers.

Sam Prentice

Sam [he/they] is an illustrator working in Brighton specialising in graphic, character-based work. They create work that celebrates diversity and queer culture. Sam is the founder of POOF Magazine, a queer illustration publication which has been running since 2019. The goal of this magazine is to help uplift and celebrate LGBTQIA+ creators.

Michelle Angelosanto

Michelle [she/her] is a multi-disciplinary creative with over a decade of experience in New York City from graphic design, to art direction, to floral design and event design. Michelle has done loads of work for Shake Shack including work on their ‘Pride Shake’ pride campaign.

Rachel Gogel

Rachel [she/her] is a queer creative director and designer whose skills range from branding, strategy, and design management to art direction, editorial, and product design. She runs her own small consultancy as an independent creative culture officer where her approach is informed by experiences both in-house and agency side. As a passionate design leader and experienced people manager, Rachel believes in fostering inclusive spaces that unlock human potential. She is committed to building teams that build brands — with a focus on creative culture, design, and technology.

Juan Carlos Pagan

Juan [he/him] is a multi-disciplinary artist, designer, creative director and typographer working out of New York. He has created visual identities and campaigns for brands including Pinterest, Cîroc, Under Amour, and NPR. He is the founder of Sunday Afternoon – a creative studio with tonnes of prestigious clients.

Katie Lukes

Katie [she/her] is a freelance illustrator living in Chicago. She has an affinity for celebrating everyday objects and scenarios within her work. She also creates wonderfully colourful murals that showcase her illustration style. Some of her clients include Patagonia, Uber, Snapchat and Adobe.

Hannah Jacobs

Hannah [she/her] is an Illustrator and Animator from London. While her work is created digitally, it has a distinctive hand made aesthetic thanks to her skilled use of texture and colour. Every drawing and frame is lovingly hand crafted, to give a warm and human touch to her work, ensuring that the end product is full of life and personality. Perhaps one of her most-known works is the illustration for a children’s picturebook that tells the love story of two dinosaurs from the perspective of Fenn Rosenthal, the toddler who went viral for the song “Dinosaurs in Love.”

“As a queer woman, I feel insanely proud to love who I love so openly, irrespective of their gender, and that feels like a pretty frickin’ great reason to feel proud and celebrate! It’s also a wonderful opportunity to celebrate how proud I am of everyone in the LGBTQI community.” – Hannah Jacobs

We hope that this post has encouraged you to celebrate and support queer creatives this month and every month!