The Rise of the Advent Calendar

GRIN is getting festive and Emma is discussing all things advent!

On a recent trip to London, I was totally taken and smitten by the Liberty Advent Calendar. A beautiful, nostalgic looking box of £844 worth of decadent products for the price of £225! I was certainly tempted, but then I stopped to remember the advent calendars I have received as a child. Even at my ripe old age, my mum still delivers a calendar prior to the 1stDecember and it is a tradition I continue to honour with my children.

It is often a Cadbury’s one with little cardboard windows hiding a little slab of misshaped chocolate which is supposed to represented a Christmas character. I love it. I love opening each window as it makes the count-down to Christmas and that all important mammoth chocolate on the 24th December worth-while. Often the chocolates would fall to the bottom of the cardboard packaging and I remember as a child getting really upset when I opened that window and there was nothing behind.

As much as I love the idea of the Liberty one, I doubt it will really bring the feel and nostalgia as those little slabs of chocolate.

I do feel the advent calendar is a marketeers dream. A way to package a lot of small samples into the disguise of Christmas goodies, when a lot of them don’t even represent Christmas. It seems all the big brands are doing them. There is even a Squid Game calendar – how does that have anything to do with Christmas?

Perhaps as I get older I realise that nostalgia/emotions and memories are not something that can just be purchased. No matter how expensive things are.

Check out the calendar’s that team GRIN are opening in the run up to Christmas…