Six Things

We’ve asked our Designer, Flossie, to share what’s currently on her radar in our series, Six Things.

Across, TV, art, music, books, podcasts and films, we’ve asked Flossie to fill us in on what she’s getting into.

TV – Modern Family

There is tonnes of TV that I should be watching or that’s ‘on my list’ but I just can’t stop watching Modern Family! The show follows an extended family (that includes a nuclear family, a same-sex family and a blended family) as they navigate various scenarios… hilarity ensues. It’s perfect comfort TV and I’m not sure there has been an episode I’ve not laughed aloud at yet. Every character has their moment and the whole cast is so likeable (at least most of the time).

Art – Spice Up Your Line

Bex of Spice Up Your Line is becoming more and more prevalent in the Birmingham design scene and I am obsessed. She creates gorgeous linear illustrations that are inspired by women. Each time her art graces my Instagram feed it brightens my day. Not only does she produce beautiful prints, but she also applies her signature style to murals, bags, ceramics and homeware. You can shop her products online or at Col8 Store in Moseley Village.

Music – Three Dimensions Deep by Amber Mark

Amber Mark is my summer go-to. Her music brings sitting-on-the-grass, bev-in-hand, sunglasses-on vibes. Her latest album Three Dimensions Deep is ideal holiday playlist material if you’re prepping one right now. My favourite track seems to change with each listen but currently my number one is Bliss.

Book – Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters

Firstly… my copy of this book has red sprayed edges so that immediately gains it points. Detransition, Baby explores the lives of three main characters… Reese: a trans woman living in New York and navigating dating and her desire for motherhood. Ames: Reese’s ex who has detransitioned after being attacked in the street as a trans woman. Katrina: Ames’ boss/girlfriend who is now pregnant with their child. The three of them explore the possibilities of raising a child as a queer family unit.

This book is such a powerful, multi-faceted exploration of the trans experience (without feeling like it has been written with the intention of explaining trans-ness). I can sometimes struggle with books that don’t have a plot-focus. This book is definitely character-based but I couldn’t put it down!

Podcast – Off Menu

I don’t listen to too many podcasts but I do have a couple of go-tos. One being Off Menu, a podcast where Ed Gamble and James Acaster (who pretends to be a genie…) invite special guests to their dream restaurant to each choose their favourite starter, main course, side dish, dessert and drink. It’s a laugh out loud podcast so be aware if you’re listening in public. Also, have snacks to hand if you’re listening on an empty stomach!

Film – Jennifer’s Body

I’m SO late to the party on this one. Jennifer’s Body came out in 2009 but it was marketed to an entirely different audience than the director, Karyn Kasuma, and the screenwriter, Diablo Cody (who wrote Juno), planned. The film was intended for teen girls but the marketing team focussed their campaign around Megan Fox‘s sex appeal and so it seemed like it was made with the male gaze in mind. Jennifer’s Body deserves justice and I’m glad it has finally been claimed by the girlies years later so it can sit in its rightful place amongst iconic 00s movies like Mean Girls and Legally Blonde.

There you have it. We hope you enjoyed Flossie’s selection and there was something there for you to look up afterwards. You can expect more of these from the rest of the team in the future.