Six Things

Jon’s Picks

We’ve asked our Motion man Jon, to share what’s currently on his radar in our series, Six Things.

Across, TV, art, music, books, podcasts and films, we’ve quizzed Jon on what he’s currently getting into…

TV – Silo

Apple TV does not miss – The show is about a community existing in a giant underground silo that plunges hundreds of stories deep. Doesn’t that sound fun. I don’t want to go into much more as the show needs to be watched! Watched TODAY! This is not a sponsored ad but boy oh boy does Netflix have some terrible stuff, I hate scrolling for 34 mins trying to find something – only to watch ‘Is it Cake?’ again. Yes, the overly shiny boot is a cake. Silo is better than ‘Is it Cake?’

Art – Terry Urban

Terry Urban is a LA Artist that used to be a DJ. I feel like everyone in LA used to be a DJ or is subsequently going to become a DJ. Anyway characterised by vibrant colours and dark themes depicting the complexity of the human psyche; the theme of mortality is recurrent, with a particular appreciation for stencil and graffiti art. I think his work is amazing and speaks to the ADHD side of my brain. His process videos on Instagram are so good and always leave me feeling inspired to paint.

Music – Hermanos Gutiérrez

After watching their tiny desk performance, I can’t stop listening to the guitar playing Gutiérrez brothers. I love instrumental music as it is the perfect background noise to work, read and relax to. Their cinematic style feels like they’re just at home playing for themselves, like no one else is listening. Having them on whilst walking feels like I am in my own little movie, plus their old western style also speaks to my childhood of watching Western movies with my grandad all day.

Book – Rick Rubin: The Creative Act: A Way of Being

Rick Rubin has been a hero of mine for many years stemming from his work with RUN-DMC, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, System of a Down and many more. So last year when he announced he was releasing a book about creativity, I couldn’t pre-order it quick enough. I think he is one of the better human beings we got and I would vote him to speak to the UFOs when they visit. I got introduced to Rick when I saw him in Jay-Z’s 99 problems music video and thought ‘who is this guy looking like my grandad in a Jay-Z video?’ Turns out he produced the record and played a major part in bringing Hip-Hop to life when he started the record lable DefJam. The book is a fantastic way to look at life especially for creatives out there.

Podcast –Broken Record Podcast

Continuing from my current Book the Broken Record Podcast  is a podcast run by Rick Rubin and also co-hosted by Malcolm Gladwell, Bruce Headlam and Justin Richmond. They have amazing musical guests on from Damon Albarn (Gorillaz), Feist, Pharrell Williams, to my favourite episode – Kevin Parker from Tame Impala. The guests talk childhood, inspirations, music tastes and most importantly the journey and process of making songs & albums. The hosts and Rick have a great way of getting the guest to be really open and I love hearing the stories behind some of my favourite songs and how they came to be.

Film – How to blow up a pipeline

This was a movie I knew nothing about – didn’t see a trailer, nobody mentioned it, nothing. I went to a ‘screen un-seen’ which is a cool experience ODEON put on where you get tickets to see a secret movie, hidden until it starts. I had been to a few before, once the movie was ‘Elemental’ the Disney movie and when it started a group audibly sighed and got up and left – which was great. This time it was ‘How to blow up a pipeline’ and the movie gripped me as soon as it started. It is  beautifully shot, has a great story and builds to a wild end. I can’t stop thinking about how good it was, I think going to see a movie with zero expectations is the way all movies should be watched!