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Thriving Thursday Roundup

Last year, our Designer Annie introduced Thriving Thursday to the schedule! And boy, we have been thriving.

Thriving Thursday offers a monthly opportunity for the team to get their creative juices flowing and experiment with new skills. So far, team GRIN have participated in 9 creative workshops that covered a variety of exercises from still life painting to crafting lino prints. Giving the team a chance to get stuck into these tasks together has had a huge impact on the culture at GRIN and has become a staple in our month that everyone looks forward to.

Still Life Acrylic Painting
Our very first Thriving Thursday was kicked off with a calming hour of still life painting, led by our Managing Director Sarah! The team got messy with acrylics, brushes and palette knives to bring some of the office plants to life on paper.
Continuous Line Drawing

In July, our Designer Emily led us in a fun continuous line drawing workshop! The team got to choose an object from the office to draw and were involved in a number of different exercises such as drawing with your non dominant hand, drawing from memory and drawing without looking at the page.

Painting Letterforms

For our third Thriving Thursday, the acrylic paints appeared once again to add colour to some letterforms! Led by our Account Manager Raihaanah, the team were given a wooden letter to decorate the desks in the office. There were some lovely creative approaches from gradients to cute flower illustrations to drip painting.


Our next workshop was led by our Motion Designer Jon. Jon brought in piles and piles of wonderful old magazines that the team enjoyed chopping up to create some imaginative collages. The hoover had to make an appearance after this one but was all worth it to see the concentrated faces of everyone getting stuck into cutting and sticking.

Pumpkin Carving
Hannah, GRIN’s Account Director brought in a variety of unique little pumpkins for the team to carve for the Halloween season. Everyone got messy with the carving tools, gutting and designing a range of pumpkin faces, some quite friendly looking to one vomiting it’s own guts! This Thriving Thursday was so wholesome and made for a great spooky photo opportunity.
Lino Printing

Our last creative workshop of 2023 was Christmas themed lino printing! Our Designer, Sam helped lead this session, bringing in ink and lino tools for the team. Some of us had never tried lino printing before so it was a great workshop to experiment and learn how to use the right angles and pressure with the lino cutters (ensuring no hands were harmed). The results ranged from cute Christmas trees to wonderful little festive animals.


January saw our first Thriving Thursday of the year! A slightly different take on sculpture, we experimented with what we could create with playdough. Our designer Flossie brought in some homemade dough of various colours and set the team the challenge of making their own sculpted creations. The team built animals, flowers and even pastries.


For our UX Architect Scott’s workshop, we turned to traditional pen and ink. Using a variety of pens, from brush to calligraphy nibs and ink we experimented with a range of styles. It was a first experience for many of us and exploring how different angles, pressures, inks and letterforms affected our strokes proved eye-opening.

Easter Eggs

We’ve not missed the irony that our Senior Account Exec Nathan, who has an egg allergy, was the one to lead our Easter themed creative workshop. We painted eggs and ended up with a variety of results from patterned eggs, animals, minions, jesus and even a tribute to Nathan himself.

We have had such fun exploring our creativity through a variety of tasks that everyone from the team has enjoyed getting involved with and we can’t wait to continue Thriving Thursday!