Top 5 Plug-ins

Here are my top 5 life-changing, world-altering and mouse-click-saving Plug-ins for After Effects.

There are so many After Effects scripts & plug-ins out there. Ones that can make watermelons 3D, randomize the scale of the eyes of a character and add buildings to a scene in the click of a button. I’m here to talk about the ones that save the most valuable thing… TIME!


Once you register to Motion Design School (which everyone who wants to be a motion guru should do) this plug-in is free. Motion Tools 2 is the perfect swiss army knife to carve up After Effects. It saves so much time adding nulls, sequencing layers, and centering objects with a click of a button. I use this tool on every video we create and holds a permanent slot in my workspace.


Keystone is a one-stop shop for everything do to with keyframes, plus a little more. Keyframes have never been so easy to duplicate, align, stagger and stretch with the help of KeyStone. With no more click-by-click adjustment of keyframes, this might be the most time-saving addition in this list.


Flow is a new(ish) but permanent addition to my ever-changing workspace inside After Effects. It’s my go-to now to avoid the dreaded graph editor. Flow provides a list of‘ ‘default curves’ to choose from, making life so much easier. It also gives users the option to create their own library of curves to quickly apply to any set of keyframes, making animations look smooth and tailored across the board.


This script changed my life and I am here to tell you about it. True comp duplicator is a little-known free script that has been around for a long time but is almost like an inside-secret for motion designers. Have you ever wanted to copy a comp but the comp has many other comps inside it – and those comps have comps inside those comps. WELL! True comp duplicator copies it all! In a click of a button so you can change any comp in the tree without worrying about breaking any. Yes it’s a thing.


My chosen one. The best plug-in ever made for After Effects. Overlord is the gap between designing in Illustrator and transporting your work to After Effects. I remember the days of being a younger, wide-eyed motion newbie where I would design something beautiful inside illustrator then have to break it all apart, set it on different layers, save out those layers, import those layers, then add all those layers to the timeline to then animate. That is no more with the creation of Overlord, one click from Illustrator and everything you need appears in After Effects. Magic. Overlord has saved so many minutes of my life – giving me more time to watch the render bar reach 100.