Business Continuity Plan

Infectious Diseases – COVID-19

Where it is recognised by the World Health Organisation or the Government that an infectious disease creates a public health emergency, GRIN will assess the risk posed to its workforce by the disease. 

At all times, Government advice will be taken on managing our employees in relation to infection control, overseas travel, isolation periods and other relevant matters.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, GRIN has undertaken a specific risk assessment and has put plans in place to ensure the safety of its team and the companies they work with, whilst continuing to provide ongoing and undisrupted creative support to all of our clients.

In the event of a general lockdown of businesses, GRIN will adhere to the following measures:

Phones – you will be able to access your account manager via the usual GRIN number of 0121 262 3850. 

Emails – all account managers will have access to their email accounts at home and will respond to all communication in the usual way. For all new enquiries please contact or

Server/artwork – all GRIN designers have Macs at home and have remote access to our server, this has been tested to ensure log ins are correct and working.

Daily calls – the team will all dial into a morning meeting to discuss scheduling and any last minute design requests or issues.

Slack –  This is a comms channel where all the team will liaise and chat with each other throughout a working day to ensure scheduling and design deadlines are clear and adhered to.

Team Viewer – we will use apps such as Team Viewer to allow access to individual desktops.

Client/GRIN meetings – will be held via ‘Go to meeting’, or Skype

We will be monitoring the situation closely and will inform all clients of any changes when they occur. 

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