Why WordPress is still the best CMS

There is no doubt you’ll have stumbled on the popular Content Management System. See why we think it’s the best option out there.

A website is arguably one of the best business tools you can have and regardless of size or sector it brings with it a wealth of benefits. It gives your organisation greater credibility, brand recognition and reach that can far surpass any physical presence. It also comes with much lower overheads and it offers both customers and businesses 24 hour access from almost anywhere and on anything. However, a website you own but cannot use can be more of a hinderance and offering out-dated information can be worse than not offering any information at all. So it’s important when exploring options you consider how the content will be managed going forward, and if you’ve had this thought, there is no doubt you’ll have stumbled on the popular Content Management System (CMS), WordPress.

Here at Grin we’ve built websites using WordPress since we were first founded. For over 13 years now we’ve used WordPress to launch sites for organisations on both a local and global scale. These websites range from a singular page showcasing a seminar to hundreds of pages outlining a full service offering for thousands of users. WordPress has the tools built-in and the scalability available to make this CMS adaptable for almost all clients and cases. And because we’re so confident of this, you’ll see some of our top reasons below for why we think WordPress is still the best CMS.

Popularity leads to familiarity

WordPress is used by 43.1% of all websites on the internet¹, and it’s dominance is greater still when you consider it is used by 62.9% of all websites using a content management system¹. This popularity makes it understandable why it’s a recognised platform from beauty bloggers to continental corporations. It’s also another reason as to why you’ll often want to work with it, as people are more likely to have a familiarity with the platform, saving hours and time on retraining staff and significantly reducing any necessary learning curves. But, the familiarity extends further than staff and opens doors to any external support you need. With such a large community it avoids being locked into one company and their rules as it’s popularity makes it easily transferrable to other agencies/specialists.


Secure Future

When you’re committing to a website, whether it be your first online appearance or a rebuild of an outdated presence, you want guarantees that the investment is protected. Technology is an ever-changing landscape and the last thing you want is to be left behind the curve with a service people can clearly see is outdated and on a platform you can’t use to make improvements on, ultimately forcing yet another web build and scraping the budget to do so. WordPress has been the fastest-growing content management system for 12 years in a row. In 2021, WordPress gained the most websites, adding 9.3% to its already impressive user base². This growth leaves you confident that the foundations your site is built on are here to stay, ensuring that your online presence will last much longer, for less, than any other CMS on the market.



One of WordPress’s main appeals is its popularity. This is because it works for such a wide array of audiences due to it’s scalability and fine-tuned tailoring for client specific needs. From your local bakery to Katy Perry, WordPress is a viable option. Companies as large as Sony Music and bands as large as The Rolling Stone trust WordPress and the possibilities it offers. So whether you’re needing a fast and forget website, or have a 10 year plan, you need to milestone, the scalability of WordPress will suit any company’s goal. You can shift directions, plans and ideas and WordPress has the framework capable of curving with you.


SEO friendly

The importance of having an online presence is only going to continue to grow, which means it’s only going to get more saturated and therefore competitive to get your company seen on the web. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing your visibility on popular search engines like Google. Whilst not a guaranteed success, WordPress has a level of built in optimisations and also an extensive plugin library to further improve both specialist and general improvements to give you a step up on your rivals. Having these dependancies provided by third-party specialists also ensures that they roll-out regular updates and improvements to match the speed in which the landscape of search engine procedures rapidly shifts within.


Doesn’t require technical knowledge

WordPress provides flexibility to be managed internally, without significant background or technical knowledge. While certain services can be offloaded to help with workload and other job commitments the beauty of this popular framework is the ease in which it can be picked up and self managed. The backend admin is built on a user interface that is clear and concise, giving new users the confidence to explore and manage, without the need of a technical specialist to hold your hand. And if you still seek a little extra support, given it’s popularity you have a plethora of options to choose from – online courses are available if it’s something you seek to use more full time and need to grow your confidence. Community led tutorials can be found on popular platforms like YouTube when you’re after help regarding a specific feature. Or, companies like ourselves are available to take that stress away from small and already overloaded teams where outsourcing is the best option. We have helped managed hundreds of sites, from helping upload regular blog posts to ensuring all the software and plugins are kept up-to-date and this support can be tailored to the individual so you can do as much, or as little, as you like!


Free and open source

You’ll probably seek expert support from hosting providers, web designers, experienced developers, or an agency that can do it all (like us), but the WordPress(.org) platform itself is free and open source. This means that the given the enormity of its community, the platform will continue to grow and improve, offering a reliable foundation for new and existing sites well into the future years.