I Can Be – Part 3

…when in doubt just add glitter

Another group of eight year old girls joined us to find out more about the design industry, and we hopefully inspired their future careers in our third I Can Be project (probably one of the best trilogies you’ve heard of).

The girls from Birmingham Muslim School, Sparkbrook, bought fantastic energy and charm. They produced some incredible rainbow colours and unicorns to create their own brand identity for Shimmer & Slime.

We got going with some questions about the world of design and how we got to where we are now. Then Jules played a mini logo game with the girls to see what logos they recognised and how a logo can take on many forms.

To explain and put into context what we do here at GRIN HQ what better way is there than to play them the show reel. Essentially showing them that we make awesome things.

Now comes the best bit…drawing, colouring, sharing ideas and talking all things glitter and gloop. To start with we bought out the tubs of slime and talked about how the slime feels, looks and what it does when you pull it, drop it and smush it. To get them thinking more we spoke about what would make them buy some slime? Is it the colours, the shapes, the characters? To which all of them had answers and their slime logos really started to take shape.

We absolutely loved how much colour this group were using. It was also really nice to see some of them use their draft area of the sheet to try different shapes, letterforms and colour combinations.

Once they had got their ideas down, we took them over to the computers where we could show them the magic. Jules and I chose a design each to explain how we chose the colours, made the shapes and a few other techniques we use in order to get their designs from paper to screen. Plus we gave them Art Director authority so they could help us with the decision making – so they got a lot of power in the final outcome and told us when there wasn’t enough glitter!

The amount of energy and enthusiasm these girls had for creativity was truly inspiring, and to have a resounding yes when we asked if they would all like to be a graphic designer?’ makes it all the more reason why we need these initiatives to take place.

Since the girls left, we have been super busy recreating all of their logo ideas and mocking them up on slime tubs so that they can visualise the finished brand and hang them up proudly in their classroom or at home!

A massive thank you to I Can Be for creating this initiative that will provide so many opportunities for young girls all over the UK. We are already looking forward to the next group of girls to visit us!