I Can Be – Part 4

Slime flies when you’re having fun

Our last group of young girls came to visit us as part of the I Can Be initiative from Christ Church C of E School, Sparkbrook, to find out more about the creative industry and what we do here at GRIN.

The 7-8 year-old girls brought so much enthusiasm, confidence and charm. They talked about and produced some incredible ideas for their own brand identity for Shimmer & Slime.

The first part of the session was a Q & A about what we do around here. The girls came with so many questions, ones that really delved into the way we work, our processes and how we get to a certain outcome – they were really impressive!

To explain even further and put into context what we do in our studio, we played them our super cool show reel, about 3 times as they loved it!

Next up was the best part of the session (and the best brief ever)…drawing, colouring, sharing ideas and talking all things glitter and slime! To get some ideas going, we showed the girls some tubs of slime and talked about how the slime felt and looked which got them thinking about how it reacts when you stretch it or drop it. We asked them what would make them buy slime and what would catch their eye on the shelf. Is it the colours, the shapes, the characters? To which all of them had answers and their slime logos really started to take shape.

We absolutely loved how much colour this group were using. It was also really nice to see some of them experimenting in the practice area of their sheet and trying out different shapes, animals and characters and colour combinations…there was even donuts!

The girls were so invested in getting their ideas perfect on paper, we sadly didn’t get chance to show them how we take an idea to the computer. However, over the past few weeks the whole studio have gotten involved in developing each logo into a digital version that we’ve mocked up onto slime tubs and sent to them. They were absolutely thrilled with how they all turned out!

The amount of energy and enthusiasm these girls had for creativity was truly inspiring, and to have a resounding yes when we asked if they would all like to be a graphic designer makes it all the more reason why we need these initiatives in place to give children hope and aspirations for the future.

A massive thank you to I Can Be for creating this initiative that provides so many opportunities for young girls all over the UK. We are so happy to have been part of it!