CPAS: 321 School Resource

To help deliver their educational school resource, titled ‘3,2,1’, GRIN designed and produced from start to finish a set of fun and playful animations.

Project Information

CPAS is a Church of England charity helping pupils investigate the core concepts of the Christian faith, offering a well-balanced approach to spiritual development. Initiatives provide access to collective worship that is inclusive and suitable for children of all faiths and none.

GRIN were approached to design, produce and animate a series of short videos created to captivate the young audience. The videos were created to be used in conjunction with live performances that would further involve the young people.

CPAS delegates then presented the programme to the young people, using the animated content as educational wayfinders. Each animation began with the same intro to ensure everyone watching was joining in with the countdown. While this was taking place, the delagates and teachers disappeared off stage to become the characters on the screen (spoiler alert!) through the use of costumes.

This provided a truly interactive experience, maximising the animated content and providing a genuinely connected learning experience.