RLSS: Don’t Drink and Drown Social Media Campaign

An exploration and adaption of the existing campaign; by returning to practical, hands-on, experimental approach.

Project Information

A new creative approach to reposition the charity through social media channels.

Influenced by how alcohol reduces your ability to see and take in warnings properly, the bubbles distort the typographic poster to mimic this effect. The liquid can represent bodies of water (canal, lake, pool etc) or the bloodstream, the more bubbles, the more intoxicated the effect. The hypnotic effect of the water combined with distorted text creates a really engaging end product.

Water has many connotations of calm, tranquility, escapism and fun which RLSS want to promote whilst promoting safety. We combined the fun of water and bright colours with an undercurrent that the statistics offer, finding the balance between the two lead us to experimenting with how water effects typography.

RLSS’s Don’t Drink and Drown annual campaign is one of their biggest and most successful campaigns. In 2019 RLSS wanted to move the charity in a new direction, rather than focusing on the sobering statistics and authoritative tone they wanted to sound more up-beat and advice-like to celebrate all the lives they’ve helped saved because of their work within communities. The Don’t Drink and Drown campaign is still based on the sobering statistics so we had to develop a new way of communicating these without the overbearing somber tone.