Future Business District

GRIN was tasked with creating a new brand identity and website for The Future Business District to sit alongside Colmore BID’s existing brand.

Project Information

Colmore Business Improvement District is leading a unique study on The Future Business District to inform their response to long term recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Colmore BID is curating the Future Business District study to answer fundamental questions about the future of the city. ‘What is the likely long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on city centre business districts?’ and ‘How can we ensure they remain successful as places to attract business and people and contribute to vibrant city centres?’.

The Future Business District’s new brand has been designed to demonstrate the exciting future of the city and the ideas that they have in store for Birmingham post-pandemic. This is achieved through fresh, minimal layouts throughout their brand collateral combined with photography that showcases the city and it’s scenery.

The angular shape of the brand marque is used as a device across brand collateral, representing the ways in which FBD aims to look forward as the city evolves. The combination of the letterforms acts as a nod to the existing Colmore BID brand marque while bringing a sharper, dynamic look and feel to the logo.

As well as craftng the brand, we also designed and built the accompanying website as the principle destination for everything relating to the present and future developments of the study. The site had to easily communicate the purpose and mission of Future Business District, as well as act as a repository for the study’s findings.