HSBC: Sibos Promo

GRIN were asked to create a highly detailed video for global banking group HSBC, to present their digital innovation that is helping customers stay ahead of the competition, whilst also demonstrating the progressive and technical communication platform they can offer.

Project Information

Sibos is the annual conference, exhibition and networking event organised by SWIFT for the financial industry.

Thousands of business leaders, decision makers and topic experts from a range of financial institutions and corporations are brought together each year by Sibos to discuss business strategy and work collectively to shape the future of the financial industry.

As one of the world’s largest financial services, HSBC attends the conference, providing a wealth of knowledge and insight through their key speakers and large-scale stall.

We worked with HSBC to create a stimulating video which promoted their multifaceted work and ability to understand and excel in the digital world, which was showcased on the stall alongside breakout areas and boardrooms.

As well as reflecting the technological advances and HSBC’s reach, the video still continues to act as a standalone showcase piece for the global market.