RLSS: IQL Toolkit

The new-look campaign attracted a more diverse workforce, particularly for leisure operators who struggled with lifeguard recruitment from certain regions and communities.

Project Information

The Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) is the leading Drowning Prevention Charity and main provider of water safety education and training throughout the UK and Ireland.

RLSS have a huge challenge to help save lives and reduce the number of UK citizens drowning, with over 700 incidents happening every year, more so than domestic fires and cycling accidents.

Around 95% of lifeguards are trained by RLSS UK through their awarding body, IQL UK, who offer a wide range of qualifications from first aid to pool management. To encourage awareness and target a more varied range of candidates, we worked with RLSS UK to develop a marketing toolkit that would arm training centres and training providers with the necessary materials to highlight key benefits and increase uptake.

The #BeaLifesaver campaign re-positions the role of a lifeguard as a lifesaver, as the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) seeks to attract a more diverse workforce to the role.

Across the country, as leisure operators still struggle with recruiting lifeguards in certain regions, the innovative and inclusive #BeaLifesaver campaign, aims to address this issue with a new visual identity, designed to attract members of the public to the role, who might not have previously considered it as an option.

We created thought-provoking, emotive headlines and teamed them with an illustrated suite of characters to promote diversity, with the intent to break the ‘part-time’ and ‘young people’ stereotypes that can be typically associated with lifeguarding. The colour palette was synonymous with pool lifeguards and sat comfortably within the main RLSS brand, aiding the IQL toolkit with recognition, familiarity and encouraging more people to want to save lives.

We often hear from our clients struggling to recruit lifeguards in certain areas of the country; our #BeaLifesaver campaign has been developed to help our clients make the most of the untapped work force, right on their doorsteps – actively retired people, students, people with dependants or who can only work part-time.

We see lifeguards as representatives of our wider community and the lifeguard workplace is one that is welcoming, inclusive and free from discrimination. The #BeaLifesaver marketing materials have been created to broaden the appeal of the role and support our clients in attracting a diverse range of applicants.

– Jo Talbot, Director of RLSS UK and IQL UK

“We’re really excited about the new-look #BeaLifesaver campaign. In the past we’ve struggled to recruit lifeguards to our team and the new materials really open the role up to different people. The perception of the lifeguard being an average 16-year-old school leaver filling their time, is long gone and our recruitment activity needs to reflect that.

“We pride ourselves on being an employer of local people and the people who use our facilities, come from all walks of life – we want our team to show that too.

“The supporting marketing guide is perfect for our needs because it can be used flexibly across different sites, offering us the opportunity to be more niche with our recruitment activity and messaging.”

– Martin Guyton, Chief Executive of tmactive