International Wire and Machinery Association

GRIN has reinvented IWMA’s branding, in keeping with their status of the leaders in their field, encompassing all aspects of their brand touchpoints across all off and online collateral.

Project Information

Founded in 1970 as a non-profit association, IWMA is the world’s largest and most influential corporate association for the wire and cable industries.

IWMA have remained at the forefront of their field for 50 years. There is no other organisation that does exactly what they do in bringing together such vast amounts of knowledge within the wire and cable industry. Through a thorough and comprehensive collaborative program, GRIN began with immersive workshops to fully understand what IWMA do, how they think as an organisation whilst being inspired by how they still have their sights aimed high after 50 years of leading their field, was important before undertaking such a comprehensive rebrand.

From this strong strategic beginning, GRIN formulated a visual language that could produce a brand toolkit befitting the ambitions and history of IWMA. From the more conventional to the very brave, we presented various options that positioned IWMA as the world leader they are. Through the rigorous design process, a colour palette uncharacteristic to the wire and cable industry was chosen accompanied by a striking angular reimagining of the letters IWMA as the new logo. This new creation was then applied to a bold launch campaign to introduce the current membership to rejuvenate their existing associates, before being brought to the wider audience to increase that current membership.