GRIN designed a gentle, illustration-led, solution-focused video around the delicate issue of later life lending for over-50s mortgage provider LiveMore.

Project Information

LiveMore are a specialist lender that offer a range of mortgages known as interest only mortgages, especially for the over 55s. Through a fresh look at affordability, they have found a way to offer mortgages that enable their customers to borrow considerably more, but in a way that’s both sustainable and responsible.

A video was required to clearly and concisely explain the scenario facing many of their customers.

As this can be an emotional and stressful time, rather than taking a fearful approach to the message and animation style, GRIN created a tone that was hopeful and solution-focussed. The style is in-keeping with LiveMore’s current illustration style which was expanded upon, along with utilising the soft tones of their colour palette to support their caring and supportive nature in an encouraging way.

The video was shared across all LiveMore social channels and features prominently on their website.