SkyCo Logistics

GRIN have been working with Wrights Food Group on developing branding and packaging solutions for a number of years, so we were delighted to be asked to design the branding for their new distribution facility ‘SkyCo Logistics’.

Project Information

SkyCo Logistics is a dedicated cold store and distribution facility to service the growing airline catering sector.

Through deep competitor research we understood that SkyCo logistics needed to remain visually close to the Wrights sister company, while having enough resemblance to the established aviation industry to communicate quickly and efficiently that the company specialise in the airline cold storage. As a newly formed company there was breadth to explore various visual routes that aimed to establish the safe and trustworthy credentials. Following progressive design stages we were delighted to pursue an icon-styled illustrative route to communicate the brand story pictorially across transport livery, with the potential to develop further, based on SkyCo’s enthusiastic ambitions.

Through Skyco Logistics, a range of food products from Wrights, as well as other independent third party manufacturers, can be security screened, packed and then supplied directly to catering companies and airlines on airside, with full traceability built into the distribution process.