The Park

The Park is a multi award-winning Drinks Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution facility in Bristol. Through innovative means they pursue outstanding quality and sustainability to package over 30m 9Le cases each year.

GRIN began developing and creating the initial branding for The Park, before expanding it into a complete brand toolkit.

With a vision to transform the drinks industry with agile, bespoke solutions, the branding had to match these goals. Therefore, a clear, direct approach was utilised to create a cohesive brand that clearly communicated key differentiators, along with the award-winning facility. This was achieved through a minimal colour palette as well as uncluttered iconography. This branding was then applied to a promotional video before culminating in an easily-navigable one-page website.

The site had to possess the dual function of being a public facing information site, as well as being used as a presentation tool by the Accolade team. The result was a versatile one-page site to act as both an interactive tool for internal use, as well as a dynamic, flexible site for those seeking more information regarding the scale and vast abilities of The Park itself.