This is The Wonder Stuff

GRIN are proud to continue to collaborate with The Wonder Stuff, providing experimental creative, which has led to sell out tour dates and an increase in limited edition singles, albums and merchandise.

Project Information

On 19 March 1986, the Stourbridge-based rock band, The Wonder Stuff formed.

Since then they have been blessing our ears with their eclectic style, delivering bitingly witty lyrics and lively interviews, headed up by frontman, Miles Hunt.

GRIN have been proudly working with The Wonder Stuff for 12 years, producing tour collateral, album covers, merchandise, books and even beer labels.

Working on the band’s material has given us the opportunity to push creative boundaries, experiment with textures and colour, and explore alternative printing methods – plus, get the lowdown on tour life!

“Working with GRIN has been an absolute godsend to The Wonder Stuff. Their easy understanding of our initial ideas, turning them into album sleeves, books, stage sets and advertising campaigns is really quite remarkable, as we don’t always know what it is we want to begin with. Their guidance when it comes to marketing, online and otherwise, has also been invaluable.

Musicians aren’t always comfortable at selling themselves, the good people at GRIN understand this and always manage to provide us with exceptional options to help us move our projects forward. Long may our relationship continue!”

– Miles Hunt, Front Man, The Wonder Stuff