Ufi: Bolton College

GRIN are proud to continue our relationship with Ufi by producing a video which showcases two exciting AI-fuelled projects, which, in different ways, enable both staff and learners to have a better educational experience.

Project Information

Ufi support the delivery of adult vocational skills through digital technology with the aim of using their funding to catalyse change across the UK to improve and extend digital vocational learning for adults.

GRIN organised a shoot on location at Bolton College in order to capture interviews and b-roll footage which could then be used to showcase two AI-linked projects that Ufi have funded. The video needed to be a short, sharp snapshot providing an easy-to-understand description of the AI technology, as well as the positive influence it is having on both learners and staff. The video also acts as an engaging showcase of the technology Ufi champion and has become an essential element in how Ufi illustrate the work they fund and promote.

As part of our ongoing relationship with Ufi, GRIN take a truly collaborative and hands-on approach when it comes to video ideation, design and delivery. On this occasion, GRIN was an active participant in guiding Ufi to the necessary information needed from each interviewee and how this information could be featured in the video as talking-head sections. GRIN also took full control of the art direction for the on location production, which included location shoots of the college itself.

In regards to the post-production design, once the location footage had been captured, GRIN stuck closely to the pre-designed storyboard regarding the editing of the video but also took every opportunity to add flourishes of subtly designed animation. These feature throughout the video as a way to add visual interest whilst maintaining the viewers focus on the content/key messages.