Ufi: Seed Animation

GRIN was tasked in designing an animation that would not only explain the purpose of the fund and promote its existence but also encourage people who wouldn’t typically apply, to apply.

Project Information

Ufi champion the power of vocational technology to improve skills for work, through grant funding and venture investment.

The Seed grant fund from Ufi is for those individuals, groups and organisations who are passionate about the potential technology has to help to improve workers’ skills in a variety of disciplines.

The animation featured primarily across social channels and had to therefore, stand out from the noise when potential applicants would be scrolling through their feeds. In partnership with Ufi, GRIN not only helped to design this animation but also brought our branding knowledge to the Seed fund brand by developing a looping gif of the Seed logo that would be used in any future motion design work and used across all Ufi social channels.

The style of the animation had to be in-keeping with the existing 2D vector style that felt unified with the Ufi branding whilst also helping to explain in a clear and engaging way, what the Seed fund is and how to apply.

The beauty of the Seed funding is that it is for people who purely have an idea, not necessarily a business etc, so anyone can apply for it and get the support they need from Ufi to turn it into reality. Therefore, GRIN were given the creative freedom to really be adventurous and try something different in order to get the word out while also engaging with groups who might have previously considered this funding out of bounds for them. The results were evident in the uptake following the launch of the animation.