We strategically create, develop and build creative, successful brands. Whether that means starting with a clean slate or with an established identity. We take a research driven approach whilst constantly looking to future-proof your organisation and help you communicate your story coherently and harmoniously. Through our collaborative process we will design and build a creative visual identity as well as a distinctive tone of voice that meets yours and your customers’ needs, whilst providing your organisation with the capability to achieve its ambitions.


GRIN understands that well informed and accurate research is the key beginning to any branding project. By thoroughly investigating the marketplace, understanding areas to differentiate your brand and identifying it will provide the groundwork for any future designs and more specific, successful messaging. This research avoids the creation of subjective pretty pictures but rather adds depth and a greater degree of objectivity to the work that will come.

Planning and defining

Following the research stage GRIN now has the raw ingredients to plan and define the purpose and direction of your organisation’s brand. Combined with the new knowledge from collaborative workshops, analysing the competition and speaking to your team GRIN can strategise, plan, define and understand the purpose of the brand and how it should meet its customers’ needs. With all this information we can draw everything together to construct an accurate story to tell and express it clearly and appropriately to your intended audience.


This is where we begin designing. The design stage in the process is where the strategic aspects from the previous stages meet the visual aspects for the first time. This is where we begin to bring the research and planning to life. So far, it has only been narrative – now it starts to become a visual reality. A visual reality that sums up the narrative elements previously explored. One that can be identified and understood by members of your organisation and eventually how you connect with your target audience.


Finally, your brand can be applied to the real world, newly created and released into the wild. After all the careful crafting has been achieved visually and verbally it’s time to deliver your brand and achieve your organisation’s ambitions. Your new, successfully communicated, brand will provide clarity, confidence and creativity; not only to your target audience but also to members of your team and organisation. Not only with all the materials you will need internally but a plan on how to successfully roll out and implement your new brand.

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