Utilising digital channels to speak to your users is a direct and important way to be in control of how your message is communicated. Therefore, by listening to you, the client, we want to gain greater insight into your market. Then together GRIN can help create a digital solution that combines the correct functionality that performs well, whilst hoping to demonstrate the power good design can have immediately, and in the future, on your business. As a result, communicating clearly and quickly with all audiences is vital. To ensure we miss nothing, we follow a four-step approach to encompass everything we need and leave nothing to chance. The four steps are: Planning, Structure, Design and Deployment.


GRIN will initially dig deep to uncover how to make your website work hard for you by researching and understanding what the purpose of the site is and who your site is aimed at.


Once the purpose is formalised, we then begin to devise how the website will be arranged. Beginning with rudimentary wireframes, together we will layout your website to meet all required needs. Through a combination of clear content and understanding priority order, your website will begin to take shape.


This is when your website really starts to come to life! By first focussing on the content, it has laid the foundation for GRIN to now deliver fresh, innovative design to showcase your content and speak directly to your target audience. Imagery, type and colour will all now help to retain your existing client base, as well as start to attract new users, whilst representing your brand values effortlessly and achieving key business objectives with users at heart.


The final stage. By this point we’re all getting ready to celebrate the launch of your brand new website, everything is signed off and built. It’s just a matter of publicising it and getting it live.

If this is something you’re interested in, then get in touch for more information