Utilising multiple motion and video techniques – often together – we create explainer/promotional videos, social ads, title sequences, animated branding, shorts and beyond, producing work that not only answers the brief but resonates with your audience in ways that surpass the static medium. We have a multi step approach to all of our video projects, which allows us to deliver an effective and exciting motion product for you. Our tested process means we can interrogate the brief, determine key audiences and decide which styles should be used to produce a bespoke and tailored output.

Kick-off meeting

To ensure both GRIN and you as the client are on the same page, we’d begin with a kick-off meeting. Here we discuss ideas around key messages, style, tone of voice, pace and runtime.

Research & Moodboard Creation

Discussions around suggested art styles and animation techniques take place alongside moodboard creation. It’s through these discussions where a suggested art path would be chosen to be carried forward into the storyboard and preliminary asset creation for motion. We will share with you an initial moodboard before progressing with any video work.

Storyboard & Scripting

GRIN would then begin dissecting the brief and mind-mapping initial ideas, before storyboarding and crafting a script. From this point, we might develop a small sample of hand-drawn illustrations based on a style that we feel would tell your story and capture your audience, ensuring that their message was clear.

Creation of Video

The illustrator and motion designer would then collaborate to create the animation! During the early stages of development, GRIN would provide you with a sample section of the video, this being a partial section of the unfinished edit, for your approval. Before quickly culminating in the final, beautiful, finished product.

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