Birmingham Digital Futures

What did grin do?

  • Brand identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand collateral
  • Animated logo

The client

Birmingham Digital Futures (BDF) is an initiative set up by the University of Birmingham, PwC and Tech She Can. Their goal is to empower communities through digital upskilling in order to close the digital skills gap.

Our response

We participated in initial consultations and brand strategy meetings to develop a brand positioning statement and set of brand values that encapsulated the company’s aspirations and tone of voice. The statement helped to create a consistent brand message that resonated with students, schools and businesses.

A resulting brand logo was created to represent the company’s innovative spirit and tech-focused approach. It was designed to be clear and logical yet be memorable and engaging, using a bold font and a bright, energetic colour palette.

Brand guidelines defined the visual identity, including typography, colour palette, iconography and imagery. As the identity needed to appeal to a variety of audiences, the guidelines allows users the flexibility to dial the brand up or down, whilst ensuring consistency and high recall value throughout all marketing materials.

We have been working with Grin on a major branding and design project. They have worked incredibly closely with us to deliver designs, content and strategies that have exceeded the expectations of our briefs and produced fantastic results. Their relationship management has been a real asset in driving our project forward. 

Jack Tasker, Business Engagement Partner, University of Birmingham