What did grin do?

  • Brand collateral
  • Website design
  • Website build
  • Showreel video

The client

HB Leisure, a global leader in skill games, faced an outdated website that no longer aligned with their new brand identity.

Our response

Our solution was to design and build a new website that would increase visitor engagement with its visual appeal and user-friendly navigation.   

Recognising the site’s key role in recruitment, we ensured a seamless recruitment process by integrating a dedicated job vacancy platform. We also incorporated hand-drawn icons and a warmer palette within this section, to promote approachability and fun. An interactive quiz was added to guide potential recruits to suitable roles.  

Through the use of subtle animation and interactive elements, the website blends professionalism and playfulness, accurately reflecting HB Leisure’s essence. Importantly, it’s easily updatable by the client, eliminating the need for constant developer intervention.   

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