What did grin do?

  • Motion video

The client

The AI initiative ‘AiPEX’ from HSBC is a new index; the first and only rules-based equity strategy to use IBM Watson’s AI capabilities.

Successful investment strategies of the future need the ability to keep up with the growing amount of data being generated each day. This is why the Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) professionals at EquBot developed the AI Powered US Equity Index, or AiPEX, designed to not only keep up with, but to thrive in an increasingly complex world of data.

AiPEX is able to simulate a vastly large number of research analysts and traders working around the clock to gather market insights and learn from millions of data sources each day. These insights are used to select approximately 250 US companies each month whose stock prices are poised for growth, and will continue to learn and evolve as headlines break and new information becomes available.

Our response

We developed a FUI and HUD inspired video to launch the new AI initiative.

We worked closely with HSBC to promote AiPEX and effectively highlight its key USPs through a future-facing and tech-focused art style.

Storyboards were drawn up to ensure the project was met with minimal changes, whilst planning ensured key milestones were met and production progression was smooth.

An FUI and HUD were created and animated into the scene, overlaid above footage and other motion elements to give the viewer a sense that they were viewing the video through AiPEX, whilst tracked motion and particle effects gave the final cut a future-facing look – indicative of the subject matter and the tech behind AiPEX.