PAM Wellbeing

What did grin do?

  • Website design
  • Website build

The client

PAM Wellbeing, now known more commonly as PAM Wellness Solutions, a leading provider of mental health and wellbeing services, approached us with a problem: their website was visually outdated, unfriendly to users, and difficult to update.

Our response

To tackle these challenges, we recommended a collaborative workshop with the PAM Wellbeing leadership and marketing team. During this session, we were able to delve into their ambitions and the objectives they wished to achieve through the website. The insights from the workshop influenced our strategy and recommendations, such as a new structure that catered to the needs of all target audiences.  

We also designed a fresh, visually engaging website, that aligned with PAM Wellbeing’s brand and considered accessibility. Improvements in navigation made it easier for users to find information, while a user-friendly CMS enabled their team to update content independently.  

As a result, the new website yielded substantial benefits: an increase in engagement and conversion rates, SEO improvements, as well as cost savings due to reduced dependence on external developers. Most importantly, the website positions PAM Wellbeing for future growth and success. 

Visit the website

Grin exceeded all our expectations, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The in-person workshop to understand our business was incredibly helpful and, in many ways, the highlight of our project.

The Grin team displayed a high level of professionalism and their expertise and attention to detail were impressive. We were blown away by the final design of our website, which not only looked great but also took into account important accessibility considerations. In summary, the Grin team delivered exceptional results and have helped to create a website that generates more leads. 

Rachel Little, Marketing Manager