Branding / Digital


What did Grin do?

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand identity
  • Website design
  • Website build
  • Motion video

The client

A collaboration was formed between key organisations in Bromsgrove District and Redditch Borough to establish a ‘Heritage Corridor for North East Worcestershire.’

Partners and members of this included organisations such as Arts Council England, National Trust and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

The aim was to bring together the region’s resources to develop an inclusive and fun schedule of events. This would help to connect and inspire the community through the power of heritage and storytelling.

Our response

To effectively communicate this and to encourage local, regional and national engagement and participation, a brand identity was necessary. The identity needed to resonate with the local community by giving them a voiceespecially young people, evoke pride, and drive action. The brand also had to be adaptable for use by multiple sites, places, and partners.

Our brand strategy:

1. Research and community engagement: 

  • An 800-response survey provided insights into local perceptions
  • Extensive stakeholder consultations, including sessions with young people, gathered diverse perspectives 

2. Analysis and strategy formulation: 

  • A comprehensive report provided key findings and recommendations 
  • A resulting brand purpose, vision, values, tone of voice, and personality 
  • A brand name – ReNEW: Rediscover North East Worcestershire, positioning strapline: Sharing Stories, Shaping Futures, and visual identity concepts 
  • Tested and refined with key stakeholders

3. Brand identity development: 

  • A resulting vibrant, inclusive, and authentic identity 
  • Reflecting the local community through carefully curated imagery captured in a dedicated photography shoot 
  • A suite of assets (including a video, website, and PowerPoint), developed to support the brand’s launch

The result
ing brand was positively received by the strategic partners and community, indicating a strong resonance with the local audience. We also ensured that young people had a significant role in shaping the brand, ensuring its relevance and relatability, which was one of the key goals of the project.

Grin did an amazing job at handling our complex branding project. They organised and facilitated numerous consultations with stakeholders, including the invaluable participation of local young people. They understood that incorporating diverse perspectives into the brand was really important to us and ensured that the sessions captured this.

What stood out the most was the inclusive nature of the brand they crafted. It was evident that Grin put considerable thought into ensuring that our brand resonated with a wide audience, embracing diversity and representing our values.

Their expertise and commitment to understanding our needs made the entire process smooth and rewarding.

Jonathan Cochrane, Director, Cultural Compact North East Worcestershire