Branding / Digital

Sheffield Futures

What did grin do?

  • Brand refresh
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand collateral
  • Website design
  • Website build

The client

Sheffield Futures is a charity that is dedicated to supporting young people in and around Sheffield.

The charity faced a few challenges, including a dated look and feel, a brand that didn’t resonate with young people, and a website that wasn’t user-friendly.

Our response

To address this, we had weekly meetings with the Head of Business Development and Young Advisors. We consulted regularly with the Senior Leadership Team to develop and gain approval for the new brand look and feel. The result was a more impactful brand identity with new guidelines for the logo, typography, colour palette, imagery and brand application.

We created an Impact Report which showcased their yearly achievements, office window designs which increased brand visibility and most importantly, a user-friendly website with higher visual accessibly for better engagement.

Sheffield Futures can now better serve its target audience by providing a visually appealing brand that is welcoming, exciting and encourages participation as it resonates with young people, reflecting their values of support and well-being. 

The website is looking beautiful – so good to see the brand identity, tone of voice and imagery all working so well. More and more young people are now becoming engaged and involved. Thank you thank you thank you! 

Beth Crackles, Head of Business Development