West Brom

What did grin do?

  • Animation

The client

The West Brom is a proudly independent provider of financial services in the UK, and is also the seventh largest building society owned by and run for the benefit of its members.

Our response

We worked with the West Brom to develop an animation of ‘The Year Ahead’, a friendly snapshot showcasing how they support their members and communities. Environments and characters were created to tell their story, highlighting key facts and figures in a way that was both appealing and informative.

The final piece was used at their internal AGM and also sits proudly on their West Brom website.

Grin’s creative team have taken a potentially dry subject and brought it to life with design and animation which is dynamic, fun, visually engaging and at times emotionally captivating. The style is unlike anything we have tried before for customer communications and encapsulates what building societies are all about quite brilliantly. 

Nick Trueman, Head of Communications